Hangyeom, Sunny, Haein, Ahyeon: Working After You

Walking After U, which prides itself on being the most powerful indie band performer, is in full swing to expand its activity spectrum. They are on the stage of terrestrial and cable music programs with the title song 'Good bye sad days', the title song of their recently released new EP 'Hello'. They also challenged the Mnet band survival program 'Great Seoul Invasion', which was about to be launched.

This is the first time in 10 years since the formation of music shows and participation in survival programs. On the 9th, the members met at their agency KDH Entertainment in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, saying, “We are going to broaden our spectrum of activities starting with the release of this EP. It's time to go out as a major scene." He said, "I'll try to do whatever it takes to promote us in the future. I want to show the stage to many people in more diverse places.”

Working After You is a four-member female band consisting of bassist Hangyeom, keyboard Sunny, vocalist and guitar Haein, and drummer Ahyeon. They have established an unrivaled position in the indie band scene, performing about 200 performances a year alone. Hangyeom, who joined as a new member five years ago, is even a fan of the band. Hangyeom, who is also the youngest member of the team, said, “The unnies were like celebrities to me. After seeing my sisters for the first time at a concert in Daegu, I decided to do band music, and I auditioned to join when the bass seat was vacant.”

He has a wealth of experience in the domestic as well as overseas stages. In the meantime, the potential of K-Band has been announced in several countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. In 2017, he left a strong impression on global rock music fans by participating in the Emergenza World Band Competition in Germany as a representative of Korea. After performing in Japan for about three months, he also participated in the famous rock festival ‘WOMENS POWER’ held in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Haein said, “I have been focusing on performances with the idea that ‘live is what is important to the band’. He said, “We toured all over the country and performed overseas as well,” he said. Ahyeon said, "It was not possible to hold concerts often from the beginning. After two or three years of surviving for two or three years eating only one ramen a day, the band has become a band that fills the audience without any publicity,” he added. .

Working After You has thoroughly followed the principle of a ‘performance band’. It has only been about 4 years since they officially released their song on a music site. The album was sold only through on-site sales, but it was also released as a sound source after successive requests from fans. There were also offers to appear in several music-related programs, including a survival format, but they all turned down.

Those who did so quickly turned the directional key after they encountered a reef called Corona 19. As it became difficult to meet the audience at the concert hall as before, he decided to actively appear on the show. We also met a strong new nest called KDH Entertainment, which will actively support various activities including broadcasting before the release of the new EP.

Sunny said, “It’s still unfamiliar and strange to appear on TV. My family likes my appearance on TV so much, so it breaks my heart.” He said, “I am monitoring hard and thinking about how to show a better image on the broadcast stage.” Hangyeom said, “Aren’t many idol singers appearing on terrestrial music programs? I think the appearance of Working After You adds beauty in terms of cultural harmony and diversity.”

Ahyeon said, “I think of myself as a rookie in the broadcasting industry. Like idol singers, we are busy greeting each other and walking around. I worked so hard to say hello, I haven't even seen the faces of the idol singers yet," he added with a laugh. He added, “I also liked idol singers who have been leading K-pop culture for a long time,” he said.

Although they have little experience in appearing on TV, the members' eyes overflowed with confidence as they are a team with extraordinary performances that are known as 'live performance powerhouses'.

Ahyeon said, "The strength of Working After You is the music that harmonizes with the dynamics and delicacy, and the solid combination of fighting, fighting and losing through the 10 years of living in the dormitory." Haein added, “It is a female band, but the attractiveness of the reverse is that it has the same power and charisma as a male band.” Sunny said, "Performance with dynamic action is an essential strength and charm point."

The ultimate goal of Working After You, who set out to conquer the major scenes following the indie scene, is to grow into a global band.

Haein said, “From the moment we formed the band, we made a commitment to ‘go out into the world’, and that goal has not changed. I want to enjoy the performance in more places with more people.” Hangyeom said with a smile, "My heart is boiling because I will continue to take on new challenges one after another." He smiled and said, "I will grow into a representative Korean band and travel around the world to impress with Korean songs."

22.12.31 Working After You Live

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22.12.31 Working After You Live