Mayto: connection

As a resolution for 2022, I said, "Publish the songs I'm writing!" I tried to leave the song "connection" in the form of a video. The reason why I was invited to this event was because of my connections with seniors from my school days, and I had a valuable opportunity to work with him on music, especially on the guitar. Such a connection is the name of the song. This year was a year where I was able to connect with many people and face myself for the first time. In 2023, I want to cherish such connections and do my own “music” without forgetting to be grateful! Thank you very much to everyone who always supports me! Thank you for your continued support for Mayto. in 2023! ! :))) I hope you all have a wonderful year! Mayto. This song is called "connection" , I made for event 【Rediscover Japanese sounds】on October 8th. Mayto.

【original】connection(DEMO Ver.)/Mayto.