ARISA: DOLLPARTS - Choco Festival

2023.2.23.(Thu) Valentine Circuit Choco Festival! 8th anniversary special DOLL PARTS Setri

00:29 PERSONA 2.That's enough 3.Bed on Friday 4.Love is hanging on the bed
18 I say fuxx off !!

❤️‍🔥 Live information ❤️‍🔥 DOLL PARTS 2days, ONE-MAN LIVE "Our Two Faces" 2023.7/15・16 Both days OPEN/18:30 START/19:00 Tickets on sale Along with this, notes and announcements ----------------------------------------- ❤️‍ 🔥 2-day ticket sales/Hand-selling tickets *You can now purchase from this site (2023.3.17)

・Receipt of sales via DM ■7 /15.16 2days ticket "Both faces" adv/¥6000- door/¥6500- (charge for 2 days) DMs will be accepted through official DMs and members' DMs
https://twitter. com/DOLLPARTSARISA

If you are purchasing only one day, please use livepoket. If you are purchasing both days, please make a ticket or DM reservation! *You can now purchase hand-sold tickets from here (2023.3.17)
--------------- ------------------------- ❤️‍🔥Tickets for 1 day only 7/15 (Sat) "Face1" now on sale 🎫→ https:/ /
■7/16 (Sun) "Face2" now on sale 🎫→

2023.02.23 Choco Festival #DOLLPARTS #jrock #Shimokitazawa #SHELTER