Becky Baldwin: Doomed By The Living Dead - Mercyful Fate

One of my favourite songs to play on the @MercyfulFateOfficial tour last year - 'Doomed By The Living Dead' from the band's 1982 debut EP (also found on their 1987 compilation album 'The Beginning'). This one's a bit of a thrasher, and with a cool triplet feel in the verses and an incredibly catchy chorus.

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Instagram / TikTok: @BeckyBaldwinBass

I am using a Rickenbacker 4001 fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups
Strings from @daddarioandco (NYXL. Gauge 45-105)
Effects @darkglasselectronics Photon Pedal
Scratchplate by @alperiouspickguard

Doomed By The Living Dead - Mercyful Fate [Bass Playthrough by Becky Baldwin]