Sara Acquafredda: Interlude Of Clarity: new single and video "Soldiers in line"

online now the single and video for "Soldiers in line" by nu melodic metal band Interlude Of Clarity.

The track anticipates the release of the album "Reflections," which will be released on June 10, 2023 by the No Reentry Records label.

Interlude Of Clarity was born in 2021 thanks to the bond between singer Gabriella Pagano and guitarist Sara Acquafredda.

Within a few months, the entry of keyboardist/growler Alessandro Marino and drummer Giacomo Boffi completed the band's lineup.

They perform using their own genre of music influenced by the nu and melodic metal culture and sounds of the 90s and 00s, taking cues from bands such as Evanescence, Korn and others, but combining them with electronic and modern sounds.

Combining the heaviness of the genre with the frontwoman's melodic and gritty vocals transports the listener to a new musical universe.

"Soldiers in line" is an energetic and angry song of denunciation against injustices such as war, violence, racism and homophobia. A call to open our eyes, not to follow the masses and not to be blind, as the lyrics themselves say, thinking for ourselves so as not to discriminate against others. Scratching guitars and arabesque melodies season it all.


Line up

Gabriella Pagano – Vocals

Sara Acquafredda – Guitars

Alessandro Marino – Keyboards and Growls
Giacomo Boffi – Drums