Rie a.k.a Suzaku, Juna Serita, Kanade Sato: Feel The Night

Muses>Rie aka Suzaku (G)/Marie Fukai (Kb)/Juna Serita (B)/Kana Sato (Dr) A female fusion group "Muses" that attracts you with their transcendental techniques will appear in 2022! Taste it. CD> Released on October 19, 2022 Product number: DDCZ-2291 http://www.poppin.jp/muses_web/
Muses / Muses 1 Muses
2 Planetary girl Planetary girl
3 Blow Away
!! 4 Scramble to Space
5 Rush Around
6 Feminist
7 Marine Blue Surf
8 Splash
9 Joyful day

Feel The Night (Lee Ritenour Cover) / Muses