Yuka Aise: BOØWY - B・BLUE

This time, I chose one song from the request project that I did in February and covered BOOWY's B・BLUE☺️🎸 This time, I typed in only the drums, and played all the guitar and bass 🥳 (always 🥹) I didn't record the vocals, but I thought it would be great if you could hum along with the song, so I included the lyrics in the video📝 Please sing along with the video. Please 🎤✨ BOOWY is a band that I haven't listened to at all, so I didn't have many opportunities to cover it, so I took on the challenge because I had a song selected in a request project🙇‍♀️! The guitar solo was cool and I had a lot of fun playing it😍! ! I would be happy if you could watch it until the end 🙇‍♀️ ◆mix, mastering: Hidepon Twitter: https://twitter.com/ponpooooooooo

[with BOØWY lyrics] B・BLUE [guitar bass cover] [Yuka Aise] [played] [guitar] [bass]