Pure Lee: Oasis (오아시스) - Champagne Supernova

I've written it before, but when I first played guitar, I wanted to be an oasis,,, Baek Ye-rin's version seemed to go well with this instrument, so I played it. (I lowered the key on my own) I've been using this instrument for a while because it was supported by the musician market, and it suits me well, right? Kyokyo It was so nice to listen while watching the sunset sky yesterday 😌 Summer..and it reminds me of rock festival... 🌟 _ Instrument used - SIRE T3 / Vintage White (VWH) 5% discount link https://www.musicianmarket
. com.kr/#yZeTy
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Oasis (오아시스) - Champagne Supernova | 백예린 ver. | Guitar inst. (Cover) | D key