Yuka Aise: Flower of Evil

This time, I covered BUCK-TICK's BUCK-TICK's Hana of Evil, which I hadn't heard since I hadn't been there before, but which I often receive request messages from listeners🎸! Lately, I've been getting more messages asking for more covers, so I responded. 😭 I've never heard it before, but I'm taking this opportunity to listen to other songs as well ☺️🎧 Are there different versions? , I didn't know the correct way to play it, so I played it my way 🙇‍♀️ I would be happy if you could watch it until the end 🧚‍♀️✨ ◆mix, mastering:
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Yuka Aise [BUCK-TICK] Flower of Evil [Guitar] [guitar cover] [Yuka Aise] [I tried playing it]