Jess Ayres: Artist Spotlight | Marshall

Explore the gritty, full tone of Tough Cookie and session guitarist Jess Ayres as she walks us through her style of playing, what got her started with guitar playing and her advice for those looking to step into the musical world.

Running her pedal board through the all new Studio JTM, Jess's style of fuzzy, warm, thick soundscape playing fills the room with some incredible tone.

- Chapters -
00:00 - 00:29 Intro
00:30 - 01:45 Finding Her Tone Experimenting With Sound
01:46 - 02:31 Advice For Getting Started With Music
02:32 - 03:25 The Studio JTM
03:26 - 04:08 Playthrough

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Jess Ayres | Artist Spotlight | Marshall