Constance Antoinette Day: Freakshow

So many people are judgmental and negative. Freakshow is a big F you too all of those bullies. It's all about embracing who you are and your inner freak. Our uniqueness makes us beautiful. Let out your inner freak and join me in the Freakshow. :)

Special thanks to my amazing friends and family for making this video possible. I love you guys!!
LennyJ., Alicia Agramonte, Conner Stevens, Amanda Rueda, Austin Proctor, Charles Pisano Jr, Brittneyann Sandgren, Ray Velez, Lawrence Day, Rebekah Guerra, Nathan Ortiz, Alexandra Windsor, Patrick Windsor, Edson Ochoa, Larry Day, Constance Houghton-Day

Co-written/Performed by: Constance Antoinette
Co-written/Produced/Mixed/Mastered: LennyJ.
Directed/Shot: Alicia Agramonte

Constance Antoinette - Freakshow