Kaho, Asaka: Epiphone | Replays “Ano Band” (Cable Band Cover)

The "Avengers of the girl band world" Replays Band gathers again! This is a collaboration project between artists who usually work in different bands/stages. Using Epiphone models for guitar and bass, they will cover the song "That Band" (Kessoku Band) from the popular anime "Bocchi the Rock!" (2022). "The Avengers of girls J-rock", Replays Band gathers again! For this time, they play "That Band" (Kessoku Band), the iconic song from the mega-hit Japanimation series "Bocchi the Rock!". [Replays Band] ■ASAKA (TRiDENT Vo/Gt) ■Kaho (Faulieu. Gt) ■chloe/AIMI VADER (Ba) ■Moe Hirakawa (Dr) [Check out Replays artist related information! ] ■TRiDENT Official website https://trident-japan.com/ ■Faulieu. Official website https://faulieu.com/ ■chloe Official Twitter / chloettyyy ■Moe Hirakawa official Twitter / hrmoee

Epiphone | Replays “Ano Band” (Cable Band Cover)