Hannah Wicklund: Strange Brew Bristol Live Review

Hannah Wicklund Band

This is the first time I have seen Hannah Wicklund playing live and I'm lucky to capture her in my home town of Bristol. Hannah delivered a blend of captivating and electrifying performances at Bristol's Strange Brew touring in support of her latest album, The Prize. This masterclass in of dreamy, etheral rock, infused with classic blues, her playing enthralled the audience from the moment she stepped on stage.

lat Iron Recordings / Strawberry Moon Records (January 12th, 2024)

Venue Ambiance: The intimate setting of Strange Brew proved the perfect backdrop for Wicklund's dynamic set. 

Strange Brew

The close quarters amplified the energy exchange between the band and the crowd, while the venue's excellent acoustics ensured every note resonated clearly.

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Highlights: The night was a well-crafted journey through tracks from The Prize, punctuated by fan favorites from the previous release Wicklund's lyrical guitar leads and controlled artistic chordal work encase the magical clean vocals, and give a setting for her almost balletic performance. 

Stage Presence: Wicklund's stage presence is magnetic. She moves with confidence and ease, drawing the audience in. Her charisma shone through in her interactions, sharing stories behind the songs and expressing genuine gratitude.
Musicianship: Wicklund's guitar skills are top notch, having very much her own style – technically proficient, yet deeply soulful.  Hannah also sang and played the piano in her solo setting with band mates leaving the stage to enable the fans to focus on the song. Her bandmates were equally impressive, providing tight, cohesive backing that complemented her style perfectly. The chemistry between them was palpable.

Audience Reaction: The audience at Strange Brew was highly enthusiastic, their energy building with each song. The intimate setting fostered a strong connection between performer and fans, creating a shared experience often missing in larger venues.
Conclusion: Hannah Wicklund's live show at Strange Brew was a testament to her talent and passion. She delivered a powerful, emotionally charged set that left the audience wanting more. If The Prize is any indication, her star is on the rise. 

Her ability to blend the old with the new, the technical with the soulful, makes her a standout artist. For those who appreciate masterful guitar work, compelling lyrics, and an unforgettable live experience, a Hannah Wicklund concert is not to be missed.