Sus Vasquez: The Collective audition by Sus - Playing section

Hi my name is Sus Vasquez ( Susana Vasquez) and I'm a guitar player from Medellin, Colombia. I am showing the different styles I can play. I interpreted each genre as accurate as possible using different guitars, techniques, effects, EQ's and utilising the proper language for each tune. You're going to see two videos playing at the same time. One is me playing the rhythm guitar and the other one is me playing the lead guitar, so the entire audio is basically one drum track and two guitar tracks (except for the rock tune in which I doubled the rhythm guitar). I programmed the drums, recorded the guitars, mixed and mastered everything at my home studio. You can visit my website for more information about me! 

Intro 0:02 Chill/ Original 0:53 
Funk/ Original 1:52 
Swing/Anthropology 2:59 
Bossa Nova/ Wave 4:22 
Blues/ Original 5:52 
Rock/Original 7:05 

Hope you enjoy it! :D

The Collective audition by Sus - Playing section