Kim Yoon: with Lee Yeon Jun - Nathan East - Sir Duke - Dream Sessions X

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Dream Session (dream session) player team project
드림세션 플레이어팀 X 이연준 (Yeon Jun Lee) : Sir Duke(Stevie Wonder)

The new play of the play team's new play collaboration!
The third collaboration of the world artist Stevie Wonder's song as a player, as well as a world-class bassist Nathan Lee used to play with our style.

The third main part is 'Bass'
It's a call to the best power player of the dream team and ' Younha ', ' cheese ', etc.
Let's get out of the power of our team base yes, and I feel like I'm going to have a fresh line of bass :)

** the dream dream is with J-J Entertainment, Kirk production, Trinity Sound!!

High Quality: Here you go ~

Produced by 설화목
Co Produced by 강지원
Arranged by 설화목
Programming by 설화목, 오찬양 (Chanyang OH)
Drums by 황재영 (Jay Hwang)
Bass by 김예인, 이연준
Piano by 지연수 (Yeonsoo Ji)
Aux. key by 강지원
E.Guitar by 조창현
Chorus by 김주영(멜킴)
M/V Making by Kirk Production - 커크 프로덕션
Sound Designed by 엄찬용 오찬양
Produced by
Co Produced by Kang Ji-won
Arranged by
Programming by LEE, Hyeong-Yang (Chanyang OH)
Drums by Jay Hwang
Bass by Kim Yoon, Lee Yeon Jun
Piano by Jeon Yeo Soo
Aux. key by Kang Ji-won
E.Guitar by Cho Chang-hyun
Chorus by Kim Ju-young (Melkim)
M / V Making by Kirk Production - Kirk Production
Sound Designed by

Let's play a fantastic Performance

Nathan East - Sir Duke (Dream Sessions X Yeonjoon Lee)