Francesca Simone: guitar performance

at a certain point i fell out of love with guitar. so weird to say cuz 96% of y'all prolly follow me BCUZ of my gtr… before this video, i hadn’t practiced in LEGIT ages. but guitar has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life.. used to release all my pain, anger, & passion into my playing. somewhere down the line i forgot about my WHY. got too wrapped up in other shit, overthinking & stress… but the other day i picked her up trying to remember why i loved her so much in the first place. honestly, when i found that spark again it brought tears to my eyes. my life is a piece of art. i go with the flow. my heart leads, i follow. no mistakes. it’s ok to fall in & out of love with your craft. but most important thing is to follow that spark no matter where it goes. if that spark changes, it’s ok. find that thing that begs your creativity & curiosity and stay there to be fulfilled .. love y'all so much

Francesca Simone