Emmy Barone: Satch Boogie Mini Cover - 20K subscribers milestone

Hey guys!! We hit 20,000 today and I just wanted to post something to say thank you! I’m working on a full cover of this (maybe even filmed in horizontal instead of vertical 🤭) but I want to keep you guys updated, and am proud of how it’s going so far so heres a little progress clip! The support from you all has been unreal- thank you guys for showing appreciation for what I do- it really means a lot!
If you took time to read the description, thank you for valuing what I have to say and I hope you have a wonderful day! ✨🤘🏻
Ps let me know how the mix sounds, I’m getting used to micing up my amp so hopefully the backing track and my guitar sound balanced!
Here’s the backing track I used:

Emmy Barone: Satch Boogie Mini Cover