Aleksandra Stamenković, Marija Dragićević, Katarina Henc: Jenner - Night Without Dawn (Official Music Video)

Night Without Dawn is the second single from band's second release EP "The Test of Time" which is released on the 30th of March 2020 via INFERNO Records.

WARNING: This video contains flashing images!

Filmed and edited by Nevena Jovanović
Recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Luka Matković (Citadela Sound Production)
Music by Aleksandra Stamenković
Lyrics by Emil Ivošević & Aleksandra Stamenković
Drums recorded by Nikola Simonović

Thanks to:
Emil Ivošević, Nevena Jovanović, Miroslav Lakobrija, Ivan Radović, Miloš Galović, Luka Matković, Selena Simić, Radovan Radomirović.

Jenner are:
Aleksandra Stamenković - guitar & vocals
Marija Dragićević - drums
Katarina Henc - bass guitar




Jenner - Night Without Dawn (Official Music Video)