Rachelf: MOOER GTRS Intelligent Guitar Overview

Today we take a look at the futuristic GTRS S800 Series Intelligent Guitar Powered by MOOER!
Check out the guitar here: https://amzn.to/3qTwe3z (affiliate link)
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GWF4 Wireless Footswitch: https://amzn.to/3KF0Opt

Learn more: https://www.gtrs.tech/

Thanks again to MOOER Audio for sponsoring this video!

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Apologies for the slightly clipping audio during the tone capture section; that is not the guitar's fault! I just didn't think to adjust recording levels after switching pickup configurations so it was a bit too loud during the Les Paul/Acoustic demos :).

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Quick Demo
1:14 Preset Switching
2:18 Basic Guitar Specs
3:27 App Demo
3:58 Heavy Presets Demos
4:49 Other Presets Demos
5:44 Other Preset Options
6:14 Tone Sharing
6:40 Customizing Tones
7:55 Wireless Footswitch
8:35 Built-In Looper
9:18 Tuner
9:24 Drum machine and Metronome
9:41 Chord Generator
10:08 Tone Capture
11:30 Other Settings
11:50 Bluetooth Audio
12:24 Who is this guitar for?
13:04 Gig Bag
13:30 Minor Issues
14:16 Closing Thoughts