Sakura Yoshida, Mayto: HAGANE - Sword Of Judgement (Official Music Video)

In this world, humans, gods, and demons existed. A long time ago. There was a time when demons ravaged the earth and occupied it with cruelty, but with the help of a brave man and a sword bestowed by God, the demons were sealed deep under the sea with a deep blue code of 9021m. This place was later named "Undersea Paranolia". A sealed gatekeeper was set up to prevent this disaster from happening. And 1000 years have passed. One day in a peaceful day, the main character, who was entrusted with the gatekeeper of the world, lost all memories at the same time. A world where the earth has once again been occupied by demons and even gods have been abandoned. The future that should have been overwritten...
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Released on Thursday, August 18, 2022 HAGANE 1st Full Album "Code; 9021" [Regular Edition] Price: ¥2700 (excluding tax) Songs: 12 songs [Special Edition] Price: ¥3200 (excluding tax) Songs: 12 songs + 3 acoustic sound sources
1: Fly Infinitely
2: GunRock
3: BlackCult
4: SuperVillan
5: FlyingCircus
6: Train 7: GoGoKart
8: Memories
9: Undersea Paranolia 10: Sword Of Judgement 11: Labradorite 12: ZERO Special Edition Acoustic Track 1: WintrySky 2: BlackCult 3: Connect ⚔subscription&Dowmload➡ ▼ CD reservation ▼ HAGANE HP ➡
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HAGANE - Sword Of Judgement (Official Music Video)