Kaho,Asaka: This is Replays ~Road to LIQUIDROOM~

“The Avengers of girl bands”, the Replays band. A collaboration project of artists who usually perform in separate bands/stages. Using Epiphone and Gibson models for guitar and bass, we will deliver a transcendent cover of a big hit anime song! [Replays Band] ■ASAKA (TRiDENT Vo/Gt) ■Kaho (Faulieu. Gt) ■chloe/AIMI VADER (Ba) ■Moe Hirakawa (Dr) [Check out Replays artist-related information! ] ■TRiDENT official website https://trident-japan.com/ ■Faulieu. official website https://faulieu.com/
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About Epiphone For 150 years, Epiphone has led the musical instrument industry with innovative models such as the Casino, Texan, and Masterbilt Century Archtop Collection. Epiphone began in the 1870s as the House of Statopoulo family business in Sparta, ancient Greece, and rose to fame during the jazz heyday of Manhattan, New York, before becoming a Gibson Group brand in 1957. Today, Epiphone continues to make historic masterpieces from its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Epiphone has a wide range of records, from classics such as Les Paul, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones to top artists such as Peter Frampton, Gary Clark Jr., KISS's Tommy Thayer, and Lizzy Hale. We have provided an indispensable guitar sound. Epiphone's innovation and reliable high technology inherited from its history make it suitable for all levels, all generations, and all stages, from beginners to advanced players, from practicing guitar in a room to playing in an arena. We will continue to make guitars suitable for ■Epiphone official website https://www.epiphone.com/ja-JP/
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This is Replays ~Road to LIQUIDROOM~

Epiphone | Replays “Guitar, Solitude, and Blue Planet” (Zieband Cover)