Mona Wagner, Lisa Wagner: While My Guitar Gently Weeps - MonaLisa Twins

The MonaLisa Twins are 25-year-old twin girls named Mona and Lisa who are the core of the band. Originally from Austria, they have moved from Vienna to Merseyside in 2014, following their audiences and the industry’s interest in their music. They write original songs in the 60s Beat music tradition, reviving the genre with a fresh twist without sounding pop-ish or trivial. They present the finest Rock 'n' Roll and Beat music, skillfully venturing out in Psychedelic, Folk, Funk and even Latin genres, inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel. Their signature features are polyphonic harmonies and a wiry, bright guitar sound.

They've played lots of live-shows in the UK and Continental Europe, and their high quality music videos have garnered a total of nearly 6 million views and thousands of subscribers on YouTube so far.

"The MonaLisa Twins will be big, really big. I want them in my touring band!"
- Steve Harley (& Cockney Rebel)

"The Mona Lisa Twins take the music world by storm. 2014 the 20-year-old twins were the star attraction at International Beatle Week, drawing in crowds from across the globe."
- Liverpool Echo

"In the days of Mersey Beat my criteria was TALENT. If I was publishing Mersey Beat today, the Mona Lisa Twins would be on the front cover."
- Bill Harry, college friend of the Beatles and founder of the "Mersey Beat" newspaper

"Love this act. Love their choice of material. I am sure they will go wherever they want to go as artists! Is there a fan club?"
- Peter Noone of „Herman’s Hermits“

"I love the MonaLisa Twins' version of 'Bus Stop'. It sounds so fresh and the video is great. These girls will go far."
- Graham Gouldman 10cc, who wrote the Hollies' song "Bus Stop"

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps - MonaLisa Twins (The Beatles Cover)