Sakura Yoshida: DragonForce / The Game

HAGANE's mini-album was prepared and it became an audience, but there is also preparation for one man and it will be a post after a long absence! And the first 7-string guitar I ordered from kinofactory in February this year! ! debut! -The sound recorded in the home recording is raised on Twitter. ・ Youtube has one shot sound and video taken live. It is best regards because we will be raised, such as the future seven-string guitar of copy videos ■ Yoshida Sakura (@ sakura_gt1228) I try to check the Https://Twitter.Com/sakura_gt1228?S=09

■ Yoshida Sakura Instagram:
Https: // Www .Instagram.Com / Sakura_gt12 #DragonForce # guitar

DragonForce / The Game