Therese Wiig: Singularity solo - Born of Osiris

Bah, took me a little while getting a new video up because I've been very busy, but here it is! And a BIG thanks to Liam Engl for teaching me this, he's my idol! :D Aand it's deifinitely a tricky solo which still needs a little bit of work, but it's hard to play it three times in a row and not make a single mistake. It's just for fun, so hope you like it! :)
Aaand this is one of my favorite tracks off the Discovery album, which is basically the most amazing album ever!

Aaaaaaand for those of you who notice, my hair got raped by bleach today as I went to the hairdresser just to get my roots dyed a little bit blonder. Hope you like it, because I'm not sure what to think :D

Singularity solo - Born of Osiris