Jane Smith: Germanium Amplifier Boost Effect Pedal by Dazatronyx


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The germanium amplifier is constructed with a single AC128 'tin can' PNP transistor. The AC128 has a rich history in musical effects for its natural and organic-sounding properties. Germanium transistors were used before the introduction of silicon and have become increasingly rare to find in suitable condition with low leakage and suitable gain. As such, each transistor must be hand selected and tested.

The pedal behaves very much like a vacuum tube amplifier. Use it to boost your lead tones, or to push your amp and add body and sustain. This can effectively add an extra high-gain channel switch to your amp. The frequency switch adds tone-shaping functionality:

* Full Cream: Point the knob straight up and leave it there to add vintage body and fatten your tone. Crank it all the way for a full cream boost.

* Bright: A tweed-like boost that creates sparkling clean tones and bright leads. Tighten your high end for lead boosts that are high on the neck where you need extra definition. Use before distortions and fuzzes to create a more natural overdrive sound.

* Mid: Effective at isolating your stage tone and cutting through a live mix without getting too woolly. Can be used to fatten the tone slightly of single coil pickups to resemble humbuckers.

Every unit is individually biased with an internal multiple-turn trimpot. This can be tuned by ear to balance output volume, clipping, tone and noise. Power supply filtering has also been added with a protection diode. The circuit runs with a negative ground so that it can share a common supply with other pedals.

This is not a pedal for the hi-fi junkie! The transistor inside is pushed right to the limits and beyond to a point where a hard strum will cause the sound to break up.

The transistor remains running in standby mode while the unit is in bypass. To turn the unit off, disconnect the input jack.

For best performance use only a battery or a high quality regulated power supply designed for audio use.

* Class A, AC128 PNP germanium transistor.
* Frequency selection switch (mid, bright, full cream).
* Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
* High visibility 10mm status lamp.
* Durable powder coated finish.
* Polypropylene equalization capacitors.
* DC input socket.
* Individually biased.
* Extra thick, compact diecast aluminum enclosure.
* Highest quality components and construction.
* Two year warranty + manual.

Gear used:
KLH custom relics fuzzcaster
Univox Ripper
Vox AC30
Lots of Bullet Cable
Sennheiser e906

Fuzzbox Cocktail- Red headed step child (check out my site for the recipe)

Germanium Amplifier Boost Effect Pedal by Dazatronyx Demo