Andreia Gomez: hot solo from new MIND project

Andreia Gomez: Lead guitarist and songwriter for Progressive Rock/Metal band M.I.N.D signed to Glasstone Records. DiMarzio Endorsee

Hi all,
We've been couped up recording and producing for far too long (the best part of a year), and finally we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel! The tracks for our brand new EP are due to be sent for mixing and mastering by Greg Brooker of Glasstone Records within the next week, three songs we already had recorded semi-professionally (Insight, Control and Wake) and one that hasn't b
een heard before (Soul Rise). Right now it's sounding great so we can't wait to hear what the producer does with it.
Of course this means that we'll finally be able to get out and play a slew of gigs with our new lineup, which we're all extremely excited about! So you can be looking here or on our Facebook page for details of when and where we are playing, as well as news about the EP and how to get your hands on it.
Solos from "Soul Rise" a new song from M.I.N.D's upcoming EP

Soul Rise Solos