Cathy Lauer: Lynette Skynyrd Kick Starter campaign

“Gimme Back My Skynyrd!” Ok, so no one actually took Skynyrd away, but we are giving you Skynyrd... Not just any ol' Skynyrd, but a Mama's in the kitchen, Dixie-fried, all you can handle, All-Female version of these legendary rockers. That's right, we said Skynyrd.
Hello! Here we are, Lynette Skynyrd- an all female tribute to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees - Lynyrd Skynyrd. And no, this isn't just another classic rock take of this legendary band, doling out a diluted version of this iconic music. Lynette Skynyrd is about preserving a part of American music history and telling their story, their way - through the hands & hearts of some exceptionally talented women musicians.