Mio Jäger,Mary Säfstrand: Frantic Amber - Ghost

FRANTIC AMBER is a international metal band based in Stockholm/Sweden.

FRANTIC AMBER is a Stockholm-based melodic death metal band with members from four different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan). Since 2010, the band has played over 50 gigs, including two tours to Russia, the latest one in September 2011, and a successful gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2011.

Their sound is an intense mix of metal, filled with heavy riffs and soaring melodies and combin...See more
DescriptionKnown for their raging live show and heavy sound, FRANTIC AMBER is is an international melodic death metal band. With a captivating mixture of beauty and brutality, their momentum is unstoppable! In 2012 FA played the TV broadcasted P3 Guld Awards and festivals Wacken, Metaltown and Rockstad Falun.

Members Vocals - Elizabeth Andrews
Lead guitar - Mio Jäger
Guitar - Mary Säfstrand
Bass - Sandra Stensen
Drummer - Erik Röjås

Where are you from?
How did you get in Frantic Amber?
I founded Frantic Amber. First time 2008 as a project with different members and another sound then today, second time 2010 as it is today a real metal band and with the same core lineup we have today.
Some curiosities about you?
Besides music I love math. Before the music took over hand I went 1,5 year at The Royal Institute of Technology and read mostly math and physics.
What role do you have in the band?
Guitarist, band leader and manager of the band. Writes parts of songs.
What equitment do you use?
Custom Grosmann guitar Xanty, Mesa Boogie Dual Recifier amp, Boss pedals för gain, noise gate and tuner.
What is your musical influences?
Testament, Hypocrisy, Nevermore, Judas Priest, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Kiss.
Personal motto?
“Well, if it seems to be real, it’s an illusion, for every moment of truth, there’s confusion in life’” – Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath

Where are you from?
From Stockholm. Originally from Japan, my family moved to Sweden when I was 4 years old.
How did you get in Frantic Amber?
Through an ad on the internet. Band looking for members.
Some curiosities about you?
I like to drive motorcycles and do martial arts. I also like Sfi-fi/Fantasy movies and books.
What role do you have in the band?
I play the leadguitar. I also write much of the music material in Frantic Amber.
What equitment do you use?
Schecter Hellraiser, Engl Powerball, BOSS pedals
What is you musical influences?
All kind of musicgenre: Funk/Soul/Disco/Classical/Musical/Fusion/Jazz/Hardrock/ and all kind of Metal.
Personal motto?
“ Music is borderless!”

Website http://www.franticamber.com

Frantic Amber - Ghost (Official Music Video)