Dale Krevens: Tech 21 Vice President

Front and Center: Tech 21 Vice President, Dale Krevens

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Front and Center: Tech 21 Vice President, Dale Krevens

Most guitarists and bassists will plug through a Tech 21 product at some point in their career. With classic pedals like the SansAmp and Bass Driver DI, Tech 21 continuously delivers products that have become industry standards, and there’s no mystery why. They make great sounding, quality-built equipment that withstands the test of time and breaks through generational fads.

What most musicians probably don’t know is the story of how Tech 21 came to be. One thing’s for sure, had it not been for Dale Krevens’ involvement, Tech 21 wouldn’t be the “musician’s household” name that it is today.

The WiMN had a chance to sit down with Tech 21 Vice President Dale Krevens, who started the company from the ground up in New York City with pedal builder Andrew Barta back in the late ’80s.

We’d like to thank Dale for her time and interesting story. You can learn more about Tech 21 at tech21nyc.com.