Alison Keslow: Sadowsky bass star

+Alison Keslow Live at Club Church in Boston. Alison Keslow bass, Scott Tarullli guitar Mike Casano drums

Aurora by Alison Keslow

Bass player Alison Keslow loves her Sadowsky bass and EBS octave pedal

Alison Keslow is a very busy bass player. She has her own band, the Alison Keslow Trio, and she holds down the low end for high caliber artists like Scott Tarulli, Erinn Brown, and Katrin.

Keslow plays a Sadowsky NYC four string jazz bass. “It’s an awesome bass,” Keslow said. “It’s based in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve known him many years. Actually, I have two Sadowskys but I’ve been predominantly using that one.” Keslow is endorsed by Sadowsky.