Cherry Blossom: Sakura - HIBRIA - Tiger Punch -11 years old scream metal!

HIBRIA - Tiger Punch 桜花 SAKURA 11 years old
Hello, my name is Sakura. I am Japanese. The age is 11 years.
I love HIBRIA! My wish is to go to Brazil someday. I tried playing the Tiger Punch of favorite HIBRIA.
Timing to take the rhythm, is very difficult.
I rolled shift, but I'm sorry ... Chai.
To practice more, w you will "silent Revenge"

Guitar, I used the WS-50FR GRECO of (Greco).
Some power also PU, and less noise then it is the guitar of super-favorite.
The neck is V of reshaping! Mahogany body and maple top
Sounds like LP!
Amplifier is a Marshall JCM2000.