Miki Igarashi: Show-Ya - Vs Myself

July 24 "VS MYSELF (Versus Myself)" 2013 single of 23 years SHOW-YA (water) re-
lease decision!
Original sound source is difficult to obtain in the current couplings, steel plates song "Ore to rob" live self cover.
The complete recording of the SHOW-YA section "YAON2013 of NAON" in DVD.

SHOW-YA hit song wife tight "limit LOVERS" "I storm" and "meteor girl" three songs were Tsu. SHOW-YA "VS MYSELF"(water) Release July 24, 2013 ¥ 1,800 (tax included) CD + DVD2 Disc MWBR-0006 [CD] 1. VS MYSELF Ore to rob two. [DVD] SHOW "YAON2013 of NAON" -YA full inclusion 1. I storm 2. meteor girl ~ Shooting Star ~ 196X 3. limit LOVERS SHOW-YA official site http://show-ya.jp

SHOW-YA 「V.S. MYSELF」井上貴子バージョン