Cherry Blossom: Warren DeMartini teaches Sakura how to play Round and Round

RATT - Round And Round 桜花 SAKURA 11 years old
by topladymovie

Is the cherry blossom. It is a 11-year-old fifth grader.
Homework from Warren's RATT! The Round And Round
I tried playing. The solo part, taught me carefully from Mr. Warren himself. Sounds is very difficult, the ME-5 of BOSS and Marshall JCM2000 was used. After, I was playing with a metal pick for the first time. Amazing Attack! But I, even if I take it to me to play everyday Stratford It was Kokochiyoka~tsu. To meet again in the Monsters of Rock in April 2014 and Warren's The Promise Nde be ~. The first photo, but Jake E Lee and Mr. Warren and Mr. I.

HIBRIA - Tiger Punch 桜花 SAKURA 11 years old