Doris Yeh: Chthonic - Defenders of Bú Tik Palace (Ián-Bú)

Chthonic - Defenders of Bú Tik Palace (Ián-Bú)
Eagle Rock
Chthonic is a Taiwanese metal band originally formed in 1995, with the existing line-up having been together since 2005. DVD: Their music blends metal with traditional Chinese instruments and lyrically they are influenced by Taiwan's mythology, Taoist folk beliefs and the country's labyrinthine history. Each of their albums is a complete and conceptual story. They are renowned for their costumes, make-up and highly visual stage shows. They are also well-known for their outspoken political views on human rights, Taiwanese independence and women's rights. "Ián-Bú" was filmed at a festival in Taiwan in the summer of 2013 and features several tracks from their most recent album "Bú-Tik," released in Europe by Spinefarm.

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