Irene Ketikidi: new pedal board configures... find out how Irene uses them!

New pedals!
Quick post for all of you asking about my current pedalboard – here’s a photo I took today, including the very latest addition to the family: Strymon Timeline – the ultimate delay pedal!

Chain goes as follows:

–> XVive Tuner
–> Boss NS-2:
SEND to SP Compressor –> 
Crybaby 95Q –> 
Xotic BB MB Preamp –> 
JAM Rattler+ –> 
Ibanez TS-808 –> 
OUT to Xotic EP Booster
–> Analogman Standard Stereo Chorus
–> MXR Custom Phase 90
–> Strymon Timeline
–> Amp

Find out how Irene uses her pedals: