Jess Lewis: 3 by Me classy jam track series - Sponsored by D'Addario!

3 By Me

Over the last 4 years Jess Lewis has repeatedly proven that she can recreate some of the toughest solos note for note. As a result her worldwide reputation has rocketed, as she notches up millions of YouTube hits.

The time has now come for her to show her own hand when it comes to constructing solos....and wow, just wow! Jess once again proves what an incredibly talented player she is. Three styles of top quality backings tracks....each with wonderfully constructed solos. Jess plays with complete control, tone, and creative displays technique to die for. Jess has a lot for you to learn and take inspiration from. Once you have nailed her solos, start jamming out your own ideas!

Check out the previews below and get downloading/streaming this series right now. As ever, the artists get 50% of every you will be supporting them directly!

 3 live solo tracks
 3 solo backing tracks
 3 extended jam tracks
 3 live video performances
 TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
 Bonus Track Notes

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