Maddie Rice: Cry, Die, Fly - Drew Ofthe Drew

Maddie Rice: Green - Drew Ofthe Drew
Maddie Rice - Guitar back again!!
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Its just a pop rock song with a fat beat. I love Jason Mraz and John Mayer and mostly Justin Timberlake, and that's what I was channeling when I wrote this. I wrote everything except the chorus and bridge all at once and had to revisit the song later cuz I couldn't think of what the chorus should be. This also the only song with acoustic instruments, I played a banjo and acoustic guitar that my grandma gave me. I should probably mention that my grandma is the most amazing banjo player you'll ever meet. I had no idea what to do with the banjo and acoustic mix wise. When me and Chris were doing the final mixes, he was like, 'um, take all the plugins off the acoustic and banjo and just eq it a little bit' and what do ya know, it sounded great. I guess I can't take the same approach I take to mixing drums to the banjo. I really like the hits in the last chorus it really helps it become more powerful. ALSO, that drum fill in the middle of the last chorus followed by that ridiculously long riff Joanna does. Mind blowing. OH and MADDIES SOLO! Rewind the song and go listen to it again. I was busy talking about how to mix acoustic guitars, but who cares. That girl can play, shes unbelievable.

Drew Ofthe Drew - Bass, additional guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar
Joanna Teters - Vocals
Ian Barnett - Left side drums
JP Bouvet - Right side drums
Maddie Rice - Guitar