Kristen Marie,Izzy Johnson: Conquer Divide - Metalcore - Eyes Wide Shut Official Video

We are Conquer Divide. Six girls with a passion for music.

Kristen Marie, Izzy Johnson: Conquer Divide - Eyes Wide Shut

Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Rock
Members Kiarely - Vocals (clean)
Suzie- Vocals (screaming)
Kristen - Guitar
Izzy - Guitar
Sarah - Bass
Tamara - Drums

Conquer Divide have entered the metalcore scene with a kick! Leaving nothing unturned, over the past couple of years they have created the band of their dreams and recently released a single that knocked everyones socks off; Eyes Wide Shut. The band, where nearly ever band member lives in different States, and one member even lives in the UK, have earned almost 100K views on Youtube, and 14K + likes on Facebook! The band agreed humbly to stop by and answer some questions for HTF about their new album, and life as an all girl band.

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HTF – How is the album coming along?

Kiarely: So far so good! We have a great schedule, and so far we have been sticking to it! I’m happy with the direction we’re going. We just wrapped up another song, so that’s exciting!

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Conquer Divide - Eyes Wide Shut (Official Lyric Video)

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