Christie Lenée: Live Album Release by Kickstarter

A series of live performances captured with full band and solo acoustic singer/songwriter- Plus a chance to win a free Luna guitar!

I always get asked at live performances: "What CD is that song on?!?" Even after releasing 4 studio albums and a single, there is still SO much music I have yet to release. My answer is often: "I haven't recorded it yet!" Well good news... We've been able to capture a collection of these songs through three shows at The Hideaway Cafe in St Petersburg FL!

This live album showcases the pure energy, spontaneity, fun, and overall positive message that I strive to bring to every performance. With special moments including wild acoustic and electric guitar solos, groovy drum intros, funky organ solos and audience interactions, this collection of live performances allows a certain freedom that even the studio can't offer.

The songs are recorded. The moments have been captured. But that was just the first step...

Now onto the process of getting this Live Album Released!

Step 1: Mixing!

Since each instrument was individually recorded (both full band and solo acoustic), we now have to find the right sonic balance.

Tim Sonnefeld of Milkboy Recording Studios in Philadelphia will be mixing the record. Tim also mixed and co-produced my recent instrumental album "Chasing Infinity," mixed my "Give and Take In" EP and "Garden of Love" Single, in addition to multiple awards for his work including engineer on Usher's Grammy Award Winning Album "Raymond V. Raymond."

Mixing will cost $1,200, aka 4 full days with Tim on mixing/editing in his home studio. This is VERY friendly rate for this award winning engineer.

Step 2: Once the tracks are mixed, we will take them to Milkboy Recording Studios to print them through their analog gear. This will give the tracks an inherent warm, organic sound.

Our full day of "printing" mixes at the studio will be an additional $700, totaling $1,900 for mixing.

Step 3: Mastering!

Larry Lachmann at Kevorkian Mastering in NYC will be mastering the live album! Larry recently mastered my "Chasing Infinity" album and "Garden of Love" single, in addition to his extensive line of mastering credits including albums by Whitney Houston, John Legend, Bob Marley, and more!

Mastering the full live album will be $900, totaling $2,800 for mixing and mastering. Once again, this is a VERY friendly rate and I am grateful for Larry's work!

Once the mastering is finished, the tracks will be ready to release!

Step 4: Release!

We will release the album digitally via iTunes etc, but of course, there is nothing like the sensation of holding an album in your hands!

To clarify, $2,800 will get us the final mixed and mastered tracks ready for release. If we want to print them (which we do!) we will have some additional costs.


Artwork: $200

Manufacturing: $1,083 for 1,000 discs! We are planning for the "Eco-Wallets" as in the "Chasing Infinity" album, which are most environmentally friendly!

Total for manufacturing: $1,283

Total for mixing, mastering, and manufacturing: $4,083

**Note: this is exceeding our goal of $3,000, however this figure will at least get the tracks available digitally!