Tullara Connors,Shalane Connors: Siskin River - acoustic and acoustic tappers

Siskin River (Shalane & Tullara) hail from Ramornie -the quiet, forgotten countryside on the outskirts of Grafton NSW. The pair dubbed themselves ‘Siskin River’ in the December summer of 2011 and set out on the road. Writing, composing, and gigging as they go, they now call their car home, as they tour state and territory out the back of their trusty “siskimobile”. Their debut EP was released in May 2012, with a DEBUT ALBUM in the works for JULY 2014, and Single release MAY 2014.

Siskin River -the happily homeless duo from Ramornie NSW.

Since forming in December 2011 they have been touring Australia non-stop, living out the back of their rusty station-wagon, affectionately known as "The Siskmobile".

Combining Tullara's unique style of percussive guitar tapping with Shalane's rich and earthy vocals, the pair deliver an original style of bluesy folk, with a stomping groove factor, delectable riffs, and evocative lyrics.

Fairbridge Festival 2014 Siskin River If I was King

Tullara Connors live in Brisbane: "Ocean"