Doris Yeh: Chthonic - Two songs from the set with Oriental Orchestra

Two songs from CHTHONIC's W:O:A set with Oriental Orchestra. 台灣第一次,閃靈登上德國瓦肯25週年主舞台,閃靈x采風十五人大陣仗!精選兩曲影片­流出:暮沉武德殿、皇軍。

Aug.1 2014 | Black Stage | Wacken Open Air
Song titles in this video:
Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace

CHTHONIC W:O:A 2014 with Oriental Orchestra 閃靈德國瓦肯音樂祭

This is pure Classical Oriental Orchestra's version of CHTHONIC's "Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace"! Fans in W:O:A and Summer Sonic will see how it sounds with CHTHONIC!

Classical Oriental Orchestral version of CHTHONIC's "Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace"