Roxane Labonté: Smirking Revenge - Live in Drummondville - super heavy

Smirking Revenge was born in December 2012, when Joannie Gagnon (drum) and Roxane Labonté (guitar) joined forces to create a death metal band. Charlottte Lemieux, an intense woman with a voice beyond the grave, joined them in January 2013. She was the perfect fit for the direction they wanted to go. One month later, Gabrielle Bordeleau, a bassist with many ''punky-rocky-classical-jazzy'' influences joined the trio to complete the line-up. Black and nu-metal are also in the girl's influences, the mixture of these styles giving an unique sound to the band.

They have released in November 2014 an EP entitled ''Mind Uploading'', having for central theme technology and its consequences. They view the endless possibilities, good or bad, that a more and more computerized world can bring into our lives.

Smirking Revenge makes sure to bewitch you, with very personnal, loud, in-your-face guitar riffing, that offer a contrast by becoming more melodic at certain times. Energic and groovy beats will set fire to your heartbeats. With a bass that will rip out your guts, and a voice that will freeze your blood and haunt you, Smirking Revenge distinguish themselves with their originality and sincerity. This all-female band prove the world with sheer brutality that a new force is rising, a new breed is born... A new dawn is starting.They are fighting to get the justice. This is their Revenge. Their Smirking Revenge.

Smirking Revenge - (Live in Drummondville)

Smirking Revenge - (Live in Drummondville)