Marin Miyazawa, Yuki Uozumi: LoVendoЯ - mini album "sissy" on sale

LoVendoЯ mini album "sissy" on sale! Amazon⇒ Http://Amzn.To/1rUgjP9 office of senior, Nakajima Shokuera songwriting of rock artist "sissy". Gt is the composer of Miyazawa茉凜whole body, "UNDERGROUNDER". Just during TOUR period, has grown as music, "Stonez !!" showing off from the beginning formed in LoVendoЯ's first original song, familiar already among fans Mino "true love in this world there is only one Nara "the long-awaited sound of! And, writing for this work five songs, including the new song "boy" that is down. In addition, the music video of "sissy", "boy", as TOUR Final, 7/24 was held in, and D was recorded live video three songs at Shibuya WWW is VD with goods. [CD]01. sissy 02.UNDERGROUNDER if 03. true love in this world there is only one 04.Stonez !! 05. boy[DVD] 01. sissy (MusicVideo) 02. boy (MusicVideo) 03.Stonez !! (Live @ WWW) 04. Love of ritual (Live @ WWW) 05. But again still again (Live @ WWW) LoVendoA official site live, event appearances information check here http: //

LoVendoя "Stonez !!" (LIVE @ Harajuku Astro Hall 2014.11.1)