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Paola Pellegrini Lexrock interview
Paola Pellegrini Lexrock interview Italy's hard-driving rocker, Paola Pellegrini, is all set to shift gears after releasing her debut album Dreams Come True in January this year. The record's early success has found the ambitious musician a good fan base in her country to launch her solo musical career; strengthening her determination and commitment. The music on this album; with ingredients of punk rock, metal and some blues, sounds different from what we usually get to hear in other contemporary mainstream rock records, which has been admired by listeners for its’ novelty. The tandem of Paola’s emotive vocals and nifty guitar works are the sure merits of the album, which is based on the theme of love and optimism in the face of adversity.

Paola recently had a lengthy discussion with Metalholic's Indraneel Mukherjee regarding music and the music scene of her town. She shares her background, plans and opinions at length. You can also check out the video for the single, "Take Me".

Are you touring to promote your debut album? How important are concerts for you and why?I’m playing around as much as I can, of course concerts are very important and I love to play live, but today there are many other ways to promote a record.

Paola Pellegrini Lexrock - Take me (Official Video)