Shannon Curfman: interviewed by Arlene R. Weiss for

Shannon Curfman – Photo courtesy of Shannon Curfman
Arlene: How is your solo band doing and what are you currently working on? Are you writing and working on any new material or a new album of your own?

Shannon Curfman: Right now I am writing and going through song pitches from others for my new album. I won’t have time to record it until the end of this year since we will be touring all summer, but I have plenty of work cut out for me before I get to the recording part anyway.

A lot of things have changed for me in my personal life over the past year so I am just now really feeling like I’m getting a grasp on my new dynamic. What is a nice outlet for me is I always continue doing a bunch of shows with my band when I’m not out touring with Kid so that always keeps me on my toes and connected to the people who dig my music.

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