Jesslyn Jensen: Rogue Arsenal - Far World Saga - Broken World. Departure. Arrival

0:00 Broken world
2:30 - Departure
5:29 - Arrival

The Earth is dying. It's resources diminished, the population running out of check. Around the world countries begin space
programs in hopes of finding new planets to inhabit, thus giving humanity another chance.

As each area of the world grows closer to completion of their new Arc class space carriers, the common population begins to stir with
anticipation that they will be left behind to die with the planet.
Of course, only the most qualified people will be hand selected by the worlds elite.

Days before global launch, war breaks out. The worlds mass populations that are being left behind revolt against their governing
bodies in a broken hope that it will help their cause. These labeled rebels are met with strict ramifications unlike the world has ever known. Conventional warfare, followed by nuclear force wipes away millions to clear the way for launch.

Five of the seven continents launch their ships. Each towards different planets far away into the vast darkness.
Humanity, leaving it's treacherous past, looks forwards to a new beginning.
First they must find this new world.
Thus begins the Far World Saga.

I hope you all enjoy this song/video

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ROGUE ARSENAL - Langt Verden Saga (Far World Saga) Broken World. Departure. Arrival