Tina Guo: Pre-Order My New Album on Pledge Music!

VISIT www.PledgeMusic.com/TinaGuo
For over 2 years I’ve been working on an album of music from some of my favorite Movies and TV Shows! I’m so excited to announce a Summer 2016 release and I want to bring my wonderful friends (you!) on this journey with me.
This Pledge Music Pre-Order is the place to get exclusive updates and a chance to pre-order the album plus special merchandise not available anywhere else. Pre-ordering any item will give you full access to behind the scenes posts, and a digital download of the album.

Thank you so so so much for your support, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys!
Love and Hugs,
VISIT www.PledgeMusic.com/TinaGuo

Pre-Order My New Album on Pledge Music!