Aiko: Girls' Rock Band CREA perform GO+AHEAD live at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST

CREA ONEMAN was carried out in 2016/4/14 SHOW ~ One & Only ~
publish a live video of the outstanding sound source song "GO + AHEAD" from among them! If you whole picture is anxious now on sale 4/14 Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST check the CREA one-man live DVD! Http://Crea-music.Com/ "The CREA" Is Consists Of 4Girls Who Are Naki (Vocal), Aiko (Guitar), Hiroka (Bass), And Miku (Drums), Our Aggressive Live Performance Is Well Known In Japan . ■ the CREA orthodox girl band which runs non-the girls rock scene. Naki (Vo), Aiko (Gt ), was formed in the center of the Miku (Drs), the current members joined Hiroka (Ba) is in December 2014. Is rated music and possibilities from the formation at that time, nationwide release a full album, and national live tour, three months released a single in a row, such as performing a one-man live, in very active. To pursue the powerful sound as a delicacy and rock band of the feminine, live performance that unfolds in hard and straight sound without tricks has high praise from various quarters.

Girls' Rock Band CREA
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