Moxy Anne, Sydney Ellen, Shea Hamilton: Moxy and The Influence (MXI) - Stomp You Down

Official music video for "Stomp You Down' off of "The Best Revenge" EP by Moxy and The Influence (MXI). Produced and directed by C.G. Ryche.
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Moxy and The Influence is an all-girl rock band from Orange County, CA comprised of Moxy Anne (vocals - 18), Sydney Ellen (guitar - 20), Shea (bass - 17), and Alexey Poblete (drums - 13).
Special thanks to Noriko Podue (hair and makeup), Korah Isabella (hair and makeup), Lyn Boodman (photography), and the local community who donated old televisions and household items to destroy.
"Stomp You Down" is available on iTunes at

Stomp You Down OFFICIAL Music Video - Moxy and The Influence (MXI)