Jassy J: Skillet Comatose double-tracked cover

Skillet - Comatose - Album: Comatose (2006) guitar cover by Jassy J =)
ENG: Yeah!!! This is my first Skillet cover! =) Also this is the first cover I recorded with my brand new Fernandes Dragonfly!!! Comatose is such a beautiful song, I love the intro! I hope you enjoy \m/
PLEASE NOTE: I lowered the backingtrack volume so that you can hear my recorded guitars clearer =) Also I double-tracked the cover!

Software: Audacity, Sony Vegas
Amp: Guitar Rig
Guitar: Fernandes Dragonfly Deluxe BLK
Jassy J:
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Jassy J
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-Jassy J

SKILLET - Comatose [GUITAR COVER] by Jassy J